Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

Tosca Debt Capital (TDC) is committed to the application of the PRI instituted by the United Nations. As such TDC pay particular attention to the respect of international law on human rights and to the application of ESG criteria. TDC will use reasonable efforts to incorporate ESG criteria into the management of its investment portfolio and to annually discuss progress and results with its investors.

TDC shall inform investors of any portfolio company in which, in TDC’s opinion, the conduct of such company’s management would be inconsistent with the collective values that contribute to balanced economic, social and environmental development.

Furthermore TDC’s ESG policy strives to ensure the following characteristics are present in their portfolio businesses:

  • An ethical supply chain
  • An equal opportunities employer
  • Environmentally responsible company with clean records
  • Established CSR policies
  • An experienced board of directors with no prior disqualifications